There’s something about Spring fashion accessories that alludes a sense of elegance and poise. A colourful silk scarf loosely wrapped around your head or neck, paired with oversized sunglasses can instantly elevate a look from “plain jane” to “oolala mademoiselle”. Which is why it’s probably no coincidence that luxury fashion powerhouse, Balmain Paris, has decided to launch one of its most celebrated ranges, in South Africa this Spring.

Balmain Hair Couture is set to hit South African shores this September, and promises to bring beauty addicts the very best in luxury hair care. Featuring its silk protein base key ingredient, the opulent hair care brand’s exclusive range of products, typically used on runway models and Hollywood celebrities, will be made available to the Mzansi public through its chosen retail platforms. 

With a product line up ranging from shampoos, conditioners and masks, all the way to ceramic brushes, professional titanium hair straighteners, and infrared blow dryers, one may even opt to ditch the colourful silk scarf for a chance to show off their newly revitalised, Vogue worthy tresses. I know I would!

The Balmain Hair Couture range will be available from Glamit, an online luxury beauty hub, as well as from high-end salons and retailers.


(image credits: Balmain Paris, Eclipse PR)

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