Have you ever watched an episode of Top Billing and imagined yourself welcoming the show’s cast and crew into your exquisitely decorated, spacious, New York style apartment that overflows with chic design perfection? Many of us draw inspiration from the home decor trends we see in the media, and whether you are new to apartment living or have been living in your home for some time, very few of us would say no to an interior décor upgrade that oozes glamour.

While your location may not read “New York”, and the camera crew out of sight, there are a number of bold, carefully curated home décor ideas that can take your living space from dull to fabulous, making it a perfectly stylish home.


Coloured Walls

Plascon recently revealed its colour forecast for 2018, with trends that promise to “transform your home”. Sporting a myriad of diverse hues, from earthy yellows and exotic greens, to spirited tangerines and fuchsias, a bold Plascon wall will bring an instant energy shift to any room. Feng Shui experts will tell you about the calming properties of a cool, neutral wall paint versus the intense energy you’ll get from a warmer, fiery hue. Whether you choose to believe that theory or not, you are guaranteed to make a statement with a coloured wall.


Statement Arm Chairs

Informal living areas are what make most chic apartments appealing. The key to achieving this aesthetic is adding a statement arm chair, or two, to your existing ensemble. Monochrome couches can be uplifted by merging them with colourful, textured arm chairs, giving the space a modern, eclectic touch. For a subtler approach, you can complement similar hues together and introduce texture to arm chairs in the form of scatter cushions and throws.


Copper Coffee Tables

Whether you prefer a glass coffee table at the centre of your living room, or one with a wooden finish, copper and brass coatings are becoming increasingly popular and are refreshingly pleasing to the home décor lover’s eye. Bold, high gloss, rose gold coffee tables are at the forefront of this trend, with glass-top, gold trimmed sets coming a close second. Copper hues and textures complement virtually any colour scheme and can be enhanced with the addition of elegant accessories such as candles, vases and stacked books.


Multipurpose Shelves

Easily the most versatile décor trend to become popular recently, the multipurpose shelf is a firm favourite and a chic way to turn everyday storage into a décor focal point. Traditionally used to store books, the multipurpose shelf is now being designed to include ornaments, picture frames, candles, plants, throws, and virtually anything that is visually enticing. Shelf shapes and sizes are no longer restricted to large rectangles, with open ladders and floating shelves being used for a quirkier look. If you’re an avid collector of random things, you’ll enjoy this trend, as you’ll be able to switch it up frequently to include your favourites.


Round Decorative Mirrors

What would a chic living area be without a spot of vanity? Mirrors have been a living room décor staple for decades, gracing many an entrance hall and passage, often placed above a side table laden with beautiful accessories. A more elegant approach to the decorative mirror is hanging a round mirror above your couch. Round mirrors can be used to accentuate an entire space with the careful selection of the appropriate size and framing. The bigger the space, the more accommodating it will be to a larger mirror. For a more curated aesthetic, you can stack smaller round mirrors next to each other to form a stunning pattern.

(image credits: Plascon, Pinterest)


  1. I really love the DIYish element this brings out! Like have fun with what you can access and be creative to give your space a lil you touch! We used to have statement chairs like the ones against the coloured walls but had we read this post a decade ago we wouldn’t have thrown them away!

    1. I know right? I feel like the only time hoarding should be allowed is with furniture. Find a way to incorporate an item into another room or store it somewhere. You never know when you can refurbish it to create amazing spaces

  2. I love love love Multipurpose Shelves.. I’ve been wanting to add this to my space as well, a really smart way of organising extra stuff.. Thanks for the heads up Maisha Mazuri

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