Autumn often feels like a grueling waiting period of sorts. Waiting for an application to be approved, waiting in line to order your morning cup of coffee, waiting for a significant other to “pop the question”, waiting – in essence- for days when putting together an outfit doesn’t require the consideration of a drastic midday weather change. The only sense of consolation that comes with this life disruption is the opportunity to shop the latest in seasonal trends, and this year, ankle boots have come to the Autumn fashion party bearing  generous gifts.


This autumn, ankle boots are taking a turn for the bold and adventurous with futuristic metallic finishes and delicate floral prints taking center stage. Now that temperatures are dropping steadily, consider it the perfect time to update your wardrobe to include this season’s most coveted shoes. Whether you want to channel your inner #BeyChella or slay like a street style guru, there is a perfect pair for every style.



Everybody has a little Balenciaga inspired rock star glam in them somewhere, and this style of ankle boots takes the simplest outfit to the next level. Dare to be bold by pairing silver, gold, or rose gold shiny boots with a monochrome ensemble.



Bring back a glimpse of summer every time you wear a pair of these bright coloured must-haves. Floral boots make a chic statement in stiletto and block heel styles, and are perfect for your daily office slay or a casual guise.



Lycra boots were heavily popularised by style icons who wore leg hugging thigh high boots throughout Winter 2017. This year, it is the lycra boot’s sock like counterpart’s turn to add sleekness to autumn threads. This lustrous, fitted version of the ankle boot trend offers any outfit a seamless Kim KW  tailored finish.


If “pretty in patent” isn’t a fashionista endorsed phrase, it should be, because that is the only way to describe an autumn look finished with a glamourous pair of these striking boots. Keep it simple with a black pair or reach for the stylista stars in daring red.



Velvet or velour refuses to drop off the winter trends list and has come back to feature in the ankle boot trends guide. Most recognisable in warm winter tones, like burgundy or olive, velour shoes add a warm softness to autumn looks. This season, velour is being paired with luxury fabrics and finishes which add a much welcomed touch of glamour.


4 thoughts on “AUTUMN 2018 || THE ANKLE BOOT GUIDE

  1. I love ankle boots! I have like 3 pairs 🙈
    I must say not a floral person but I would totally rock those!!!

    1. lol! i know what you mean. bold can be a little bit daunting but if you start off small, you might be surprised at how fun you find it. Try the velvet for a start 😉

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