Every industry has a premier event that its members look forward to annually. The Delicious Festival for foodies, The Durban July for the social elite, Fashion week for style icons, and Decorex for the décor, design and lifestyle creatives who salivate at the mere thought of a strikingly curated space.

This year’s Decorex Joburg delivered on its promise to eminently exhibit the finest in international décor and design trends. Fittingly themed “Rhythm of Life”, the exhibition showcased a variety of robust design styles, colour palettes, and textures that can harmoniously be taken from the exhibition stage to suit more intimate and familiar spaces.

The main entrance of the exhibition set an apt tone of what I could expect from the biggest trends that would catch my eye throughout the show. Starting with the Steven Fackle stand and its phenomenal display of giant crimson inspired rose bouquets against a bold, burgundy, velvet backdrop. There is no question that floral prints in various designs and textures stole the show. Second in place and much to my delight, was the return of the popular velvet trend in upholstery.

Floral Prints

The idea of floral prints in home décor may evoke memories of musty, tired sofas from your grandparents’ house or your favourite Tyler Perry movie, but 2018/ 2019 is proving to be the year of the contemporary floral print you’ll want to include in your space. From the kitchen, all the way to the bedroom, the versatility of a floral print is unmatched in its ability to feature as a room’s focal point on a 3D wallpaper, in the intricate details of a dining plate, and as a décor accessory to visually enhance more serene spaces.

Accentuating darker toned floral patterns with lighter, neutral tones creates a classic balanced look, while bohemian inspired spaces will comprise of layered florals in various complementing hues. For a more simplistic yet statement approach, pair neutral spaces with brightly coloured scatter cushions that sport oversized floral designs. Fresh flowers are the perfect accent and add an eclectic feel to any floral inspired space.






Velvet Finishes

Velvet has evolved from giving homes a traditional, cozy atmosphere, to being one of the most luxurious trends in décor and design. The latest velvet design styles offer more sophistication in richly pigmented shades of cobalt blue, emerald, and chartreuse green.

Sensual headboards, statement sofas and contemporary arm chairs remain at the forefront of this trend, with room centerpieces and dramatic velvet textured wallpapers and curtains making a new, but welcomed appearance.

The key to mastering velvet upholstery lies in the colour selection and detail. Ribbed textures, coupled with gold trimmings and vibrant colours create an architectural distinction of class and style. A more daring approach to the style, allows multiple velvet pieces in contrasting colours to be stacked against each other to create uniquely uniform spaces.








Individually, these décor trends make a welcomed statement to any interior space, but together they break decorating norms to create a showstopper view that demands attention. The warmth of velvet, is just what a delicate floral inspired space needs to take it to the next level.


(image credits: Pinterest)



  1. I ADORE deep dark floral prints, and don’t even get me started on that emerald sofa. Agh, if only I had the money to make my space as beautiful as could be with all these gorgeous decor items!

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