Art collection and appreciation will go down in history as one of the most exclusive pastimes known to humankind. The designers, architects and artists of the world hone creativity, passion and precision to visually express their influential thoughts and emotions – while collectors and art watchers covet the finest creations from art giants such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and South Africa’s own functional art legend, Carrol Boyes.

Carrol Boyes is renowned for her distinctive adaptation of the human physique, nature’s elements and functional art in sculpting some of the world’s most coveted, high-end home and lifestyle products. Inspired by artistry and the joy of the gift of giving, the Carrol Boyes brand focuses on producing unique pieces that effortlessly transition from artefacts to useable home décor accessories and lifestyle embellishments. The brand is most popular for its sculpted flatware, cutlery and dining accessories that exude distinctive luxury and exquisiteness.



Recently, in an attempt to extend their catalogue and expose the brand to a wider audience, Carrol Boyes launched its Ethereal Bath and Body Collection, which comprises a range of delicate bath, body and room products that bear the signature art, meets functionality poise that consumers all over the globe have grown to love.


Hand Wash & Lotion

The hand wash and lotion combination blends perfectly to gently cleanse your skin, while retaining its natural moisture. Adorned with hints of vanilla, musk, jasmine and orange, this poetic fragrance is light enough to capture the senses without overwhelming them but bold enough to make a lasting impression.



Fragranced Soap

The art of indulgence in bathing becomes a real concept with this product. Made from shea butter, the Ethereal fragranced soap gently cleanses the skin while protecting it from shedding its natural moisture balance. It is subtly fragranced with notes of vanilla, musk, jasmine and orange.




Room Spray & Diffuser

A space’s atmosphere can often say more about it than its physical attributes. With their blend of the finest imported fragrance oils, the Carrol Boyes Ethereal room spray and diffuser each combine opulent notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood with elusive hints of jasmine, lavender and orange to beautifully perfume a space.




Fragranced Candle

The luxury of a fragranced candle lies in its design, composition and fragrance. Made from a natural wax blend and a 100% cotton wick, the Ethereal fragranced candle carries the same opulent charisma as its room spray and diffuser counterparts with scents such as orange, vanilla and jasmine that burn to release a cocktail of captivating sensations.



Fragranced Sachet

The art of enhancing the atmosphere through captivating scents isn’t limited to the indoors or conventional spaces with this range. The Ethereal fragrance sachet is the perfect piece that closes off the collection and takes it to the next level with scents such as vanilla, musk and sandalwood to transition to smaller spaces like closets and cars.


Carrol Boyes have made it easier to become part of the art collectors’ elite with the creation of this range. Each product is designed to not only perform as a conventional bath, body or room product, but the design of each product’s packaging ensures that it transitions into a functional art piece that elevates any space’s aesthetic.

The collection is available at Carrol Boyes flagship stores nationwide and online.


(images courtesy of Carrol Boyes)






  1. Thess are so gorgeous 😍😍 i have always been so hesitant to go into one of theae stores.. but ive been missing out 🙁

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