One of my interior design and décor dreams is to own a home with multiple living spaces that epitomise each season. A vibrant summer living room decked with palm trees, eclectic-geometric  wallpaper and flamingo scatter cushions – and on the opposite end – a winter living room that radiates comfort and luxury with its velvet teal upholstered furniture, lavish faux fur throws, and textured lampshades. In between the seasons, I envision entertaining family and friends in the transitional autumnal and spring living rooms of the home. Think ambers, olives and rustic shades in autumn – intricately decorated to host warm Sunday lunches, and floral design heaven for those spring cocktail parties.


While transformation is necessary, the upkeep of something as extravagant and demanding as seasonal décor can be enormously tedious, especially as decorating trends come and go. A more realistic approach would be to invest in quality décor pieces in colours, textures and silhouettes that will outlast each season, making your home look and feel chic, modern and cosy throughout the year.


I’ve rounded up my top picks from Superbalist’s Apartment section, that will elevate any home, regardless of the season.


Vintage Printed Rugs

Often the focal point of living and bedroom spaces, floor rugs are one of the least interchangeable home décor accents. Unless you are happy to have stacks of rugs stored away to be displayed at the beginning of each new season, you are most likely to opt for a universal piece that is as versatile as it is trendy. Not only are vintage rugs the perfect conversation starter for their unique visual appeal, but their retro patterns make for a beautiful contrast to a contemporary setting. Blue hues are most flexible between the seasons for their ability to add warmth in winter and coolness in summer. A blue vintage rug like these pieces by Superbalist’s Sixth Floor and Hertex Fabrics will blend in effortlessly with trendy neutral and grey spaces. 

Vintage rug by Sixth Floor on Superbalist
Karim blue surf rug by Hertex Fabrics on Superbalist


Decor inspo for styling a vintage blue rug


Velvet Cushion Covers

The staying power of velvet or velour has proven itself over the last few décor seasons. The textile has remained at the top of trend and décor must-have lists and may as well be dubbed the “little black dress” of the interior design and décor world for its classic yet fashionable appeal. Decorating with velvet cushions adds as much sophistication and luxury to a space as it does an inviting sense of comfort and character. Floral design velvet cushions may seem overwhelming at first but with the right styling, their timeless charm can become the highlight of any room. The distressed water colour print on Grey Garden’s range of rose velvet cushions creates a dated illusion that adds softness to a space and allows them to act as a brightening accent in summer, while still functioning as part of winter decor.

Velvet rose cushion covers by Grey Gardens on Superbalist



Decor inspo for styling floral velvet cushions

Faux Fur Throws

The idea of anything curated with faux fur screams opulence and indulgence – something the Cruella de Vils and J-Los of the world can attest to. When it comes to home décor, this symbol of luxury can be just what a space needs to elevate it into a level of sophistication that is equally warm and inviting. The key is to invest in a faux fur throw that is textured enough to look regal and is soft to the touch. The Merle faux fur throw by Linen House sports a grey and cream composition with a woven design that breaks away from the hefty single toned dark fur we have seen in the past, making it an unexpected but welcomed transitional décor accent. The simple act of moving a faux fur throw from the foot of a bed or the couch to an accent or dining room chair, transforms a space from a bulky warm winter vibe to an elusive textured summer vibe.

Merle faux fur throw by Linen House on Superbalist
Decor inspo for styling a faux fur throw

Minimalistic Monochrome Art

Art and design enthusiasts with a minimalistic approach to interior décor will tell you how edgy the concept of minimalist art that flaunts monochrome contours is. Much like with fashion, there is no denying the magic of a black and white ensemble, but with the trend often following Scandinavian décor and design standards, the bold, sleek lines of this aesthetic can create enough drama to make a space feel a tad hostile and less homey. A more indulgent approach to this art style is the use of prints that represent the soft human form, which is so aptly depicted in the “She” wall art range by Erin Braithwaite. Interchanging the art pieces between black and white gloss frames is the perfect hack for updating the same canvases to fit into your home décor all through the seasons.

She 07 by Erin Braithwaite on Superbalist
She 08 by Erin Braithwaite on Superbalist
Decor inspo for styling Minimalistic Monochrome Art

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