Scented candles lit, a perfectly brewed pot of tea, an enthralling book, and imaginary whims of a Parisian adventure adorned with French delicacies, elegance and style. That is Maisha Mazuri in its simplest, yet most cathartic form. The Swahili phrase means “a beautiful life” and has captivated me from the moment I first discovered it.



Hello, I am Refiloe Leballo, the Editor and Curator of Maisha Mazuri- the blog. Maisha Mazuri is an authentic, South African lifestyle blog curated to inspire the African Millennial to pursue their most gratifying version of a beautiful life.

Maisha Mazuri is driven by my inherent love affair with interior design and styling, a growing obsession with beauty, a lustrous eye for fashion, and my steady wanderlust for extraordinary experiences.

Through the allure of wit and charm, this platform will be used to express my insatiable passion for quality content creation. Beyond the glamour, style, and aesthetics, I hope to inspire, educate and ultimately, evolve into the epitome of my destiny – a beautiful life.