My mom has always made it known that the fashion trends I grew up loving were never new, but were simply making a comeback from previous decades. My unfailing response to these claims has always been to roll my eyes until I’m presented with physical evidence, but lately, I find myself reaching for a slice of humble pie as more of these trends make yet another comeback.

A surprising comeback is one which has the name Gucci written all over it, as it was revived by the luxury fashion house in 2016 and has since spread across brands and retailers. Mules, also known as backless loafers are an acquired taste when they’re in their simplest form, but having watched them evolve in recent months to include faux fur, metallics, and floral prints, I have now added them to my list of Spring / Summer must haves.

Mules can be dressed up or down and are available in heeled and flat versions, (pointy flats being my current fave). As this season’s staple, they are perfect when paired with boyfriend themed jeans for the ultimate laid back weekend look.


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How would you wear this trend?

(image credits: Pinterest, True Love Magazine, Ali Express)



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