Every year, around this time, there is a resounding anti-Christmas chorus that circulates, and is directed at how premature, and sometimes aggravating retail store Christmas displays are. 

And while most people have clearly let The Grinch (that stole Christmas) steal their joy, there remains a handful of festive season lovers (like me) who relish in the tinsel, lights and towering trees. In short, I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME.  

I can confidently place the blame for my overenthusiasm for Christmas on my family. Over the years, we have collectively made a conscious effort to turn this time of the year into a memorable spectacle. Without fail, every year we participate in endless, secretive shopping, followed by cookies and milk placed carefully at the fireplace on Christmas eve, and a cheerful race to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning to share in the excitement of exchanging gifts. My poor dad has to wake up considerably earlier than the rest of us to make sure the cookies and milk have been eaten and a believable trail of cookie crumbs is left behind. His name for the remainder of the morning is Santa.  

Recently, my family has done very well in the gifting department. So much so that it would only make sense for me to conspire with the universe and be as specific as possible when compiling my Christmas wish list for 2017.   

Cue Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You  

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 in Flamingo Pink  

I have had my eye on this cute instant picture camera ever since it was released by Fujifilm, this year. It is charming in its compact composition and is ideal to carry everywhere you go. The Instax takes instantly printable, quality pictures and selfies, which is why finding one under the Christmas tree this year would make my blogger dreams come true.  

Jo Malone Body Products 

If there was a heaven for beauty products, these gems would be the head angels. The first time I walked into Jo Malone at The Mall of Africa, I was in awe of the glamour and poise with which the entire boutique and its contents is draped. The packaging of the products reminds me of a royal gift, while the scents and textures of the hand-crafted candles, lotions and perfumes are equally pleasing to the senses.  

Cast Iron Teapot  

If you know me well, you will know that indulging in a good cup of tea is my favourite way to unwind after a long day. I have often ordered tea while out at a restaurant and I have always been pleasantly surprised when my tea arrives in a vintage style cast iron teapot. My evening tea time would ooze so much more perfection if I had one of my own. 


Snuggling up to a good read is the perfect way to kick off the new year. It gives me a sense of motivation and calm as I slowly transition into this new phase. Receiving books for Christmas adds enough anticipation for this exercise, but knowing my undeniable love for reading, I will probably find myself snuggling up well before the new year arrives. 

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Michael Kors Wonderlust  

I have a strong feeling that this fragrance is going to follow in the popular footsteps of Armani Si, with every woman wearing it at least once in her life. Nonetheless, I am still taken aback by its perfect medley of floral, fruity fragrances which make it my favourite scent for the summer. 


Carrol Boyes Sketchbook Chardonnay 

I have coveted this brand’s home products for the longest time, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have a chardonnay as part of their exclusive wine range. Given that this part of my wish list is an alcoholic beverage, I highly suspect I will have to buy it myself if I really want to find a bottle under the tree. From me, to me, with love.  


My love for colour cosmetics has escalated in a very short space of time and by the time I unwrap my gifts to find either of the items I am about to list, I will be eligible for the title of a slay queen. Fenty Beauty has been on everybody’s lips and rightfully so. Of all the stunning products released by this brand, the one I continue to daydream about is their famous Killawatt Freestyle highlighter in the shade “Trophy Wife”. Equally as important to add to my collection is the “Ride or Die” eyeshadow palette by Violet Voss.

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A Good Quality White Tote Bag  

Totes are my favourite bag style. They are big enough to fit everything into, yet still exude class and style. My current collection consists of a burgundy version and a royal blue striped piece, which would look and feel complete alongside a brand new white version.  


(image credits: fenty beauty, pinterest, jo malone, violet voss, carrol boyes, michael kors)

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