“Dream as far as you can see. Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is. The universe responds to what we believe is possible. Happy Monday!” – an extract taken from an Instagram post by Ndalo Media Founder and CEO, Khanyi Dhlomo, dated 3rd April 2017.

On a morning when South Africa was confronted with an earth tremor, accompanied by some harsh realities regarding our Economy and Politics (personally, even our radio personalities’ reshuffles had me on the edge of my seat) one would have simply brushed off the above Instagram post as yet another (perhaps meaningless) #MondayMotivation post.

Fast forward to Tuesday 4th April 2017 when the nation was just coming to grips with the news of earth tremor number two and South Africa’s official junk status rating, when social media swiftly went ablaze! Not owing to another tremor or economic announcement, but to an announcement, which in my book far supersedes the news of Beyoncé and Jay-Z expecting twins a couple of months ago. “@Ndalo_Media is thrilled to announce that it’s secured the @ELLESouthAfrica and @ELLE_Decor licenses…” – Khanyi Dhlomo. Easily the most powerful tweet I’ve read all year! And the visuals of Khanyi’s gracious victory twirl accompanying the post makes the news that much sweeter.

As I write this blog post, I’m partially conflicted as to whether (based on my experience ) I am worthy to even write a piece featuring the media mogul that is Khanyi Dhlomo, but hours later, the incredible rush of euphoria that took over my every sense when I first read that tweet is undeniable. Even more pertinent to the fact is the validation of Khanyi’s teaching on DREAMS. Listening to a couple of Interviews featuring Khanyi on Metro FM and CNBC Africa further iterates and validates to me what majority of South Africa has already been celebrating since the ELLE news broke- the number one ideal for which Khanyi Dhlomo and the Ndalo Media team stand, which is also the media house’s tag line: “Positively Impacting Lives”.

How can one not be positively impacted by the idea of one of the most popular magazine brands in the world finally being published by a wholly black owned, South African media powerhouse? The idea that something which to most, seems unattainable or unthinkable is happening before our very eyes. When I actually sit back and take stock of what Ndalo Media’s acquisition of the ELLE publications means for not only Ndalo and ELLE as brands, but for every hopeful South African in industries beyond Media and Communications- I am reminded of how far we have come as a generation of fearless entrepreneurs and how our dreams, regardless of how impossible they may seem, are not only valid, but also attainable. Khanyi continuously shares through her social media platforms, an infectious spirit of positivity coupled with ambition and hard work which are clearly a recipe for success.

If the Destiny and Destiny Man magazine brands are anything to go by, the July/ August 2017 release of Elle SA and Elle Décor SA will be the start of an incredible culture of inspiration for the African Millennial. Whether through digital or print media or events, as indicated by Khanyi in the press, we are sure to witness a media industry revolution.



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