As somebody who is far from being a homeowner (talk about being optimistic), it is probably strange that I even have these thoughts, but as my mom often reminds her daughters-, the best time to stock up on home contents is when you are still single and living at home. An iron here, a fancy dinner set there, and not to forget the famous cutlery canteen (which looks more like a coffin for cutlery to me, but hey).

What Mumfee dearest seems to be oblivious to, though, is the social pressure we continue to face when it comes to buying the latest, the greatest, the prettiest, and often the most expensive in home accessories. Wait, who am I kidding, one of Mumfee’s most valued possessions is her AMC pots set which values at over R 20 000.00. My response to her incessant prompts to make the “AMC investment” is “Unless I can pop an onion into the pot, put the lid on and open after five seconds to be met with a heavenly Ox Tail stew, I’ll pass”

Which brings me to my thoughts on branded kitchens. We have all seen how breath taking a full on Smeg themed kitchen looks, whether it’s the bold, passionate red or their latest release of romantic pastels, blue being my ultimate obsession! And depending on what number you hit on the eclectic scale, you may  even dream of  having a pop of each lavishly stylish Smeg colour in your kitchen space.  I have also visited a couple of DeLonghi inspired kitchens in my day and they ooze nothing but copper perfection, forcing me to contemplate whether I would ever settle for less in my own home.

The begging question is, however: are luxury products worth the Italian price tag attached to them? In no way am I disputing the quality of high-end kitchen products, (I don’t even own a high-end toothpick- if they had one), but my first thought (again with the optimism) is what if a house guest or even a member of the family breaks the kettle or the toaster? The kettle or toaster I spent 3000 hard earned Rands on. What if the appliance’s paint starts to chip or god forbid I lose interest in my gleaming red toaster and want to trade it in for a more subtle, traditional one.

As aesthetically inclined  as I tend to be when it comes to interior design, styling and products, luck would also have me practical and frugal, so it is only natural that I would consider similar, yet more affordable kitchen appliance brands. My checklist of quality, affordability, modern and trendy led me to the largest South African small appliances brand- Mellerware, who, much like their international counterparts are widely celebrated for their breakfast (kettle & toaster) packs. Comprising of chic glass as well as trendy coloured stainless steel combos- it is just as easy to bring interior styling dreams to life with a Mellerware branded kitchen space.



The technologist jumping up and down at the back of my mind is also eager to discern based on the functionality of kitchen appliances. In reality, I am definitely going to be more inclined to purchase a toaster that can give me easy defrost functionality and one-sided toasting as opposed to the traditional pop-in, pop-out, “it doesn’t matter how brown you want your toast” toasters I am accustomed to. Any day!

So whilst home ownership may not be the next item on my to do list (it definitely is at the top of my goals list), I can certainly appreciate the exhilaration that comes with dreaming of, planning and designing my future “branded” kitchen. Needless to say, it will be a delightful marriage of beauty, science and charm. Whether expenses will be spared or not, is yet to be known.

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