I was scrolling through my Instagram profile, when I noticed a couple of reposts I had shared from my favourite interior designers’ accounts, many of which have recently been centred around deep, heavenly hues of blue.

My love affair with the colour palette was inspired by an article I read, featuring the newly established Yswara Tea Boutique in Accra, Ghana. House and Leisure Magazine’s illustration of Yswara’s tropical inspired interior décor made for a crisp, bold, setting featuring a myriad of colours and textures. A practical setting which could effortlessly be transferred to your home décor.

Living Room

As a statement piece, a royal, teal or midnight blue velvet sofa screams modern eclecticism and can be paired with accessories in virtually any colour. Pops of yellow, green, pink and even florals are the perfect match for this setting. Greys and lighter shades of blue can also be used to add subtlety and warmth to the room.




By now you would know that I have a low-key obsession with pastel blue Smeg kitchen appliances (if not, read my Branded Kitchen post here). Kitchens are often set on a monotone backdrop of tiles and counter tops, begging for a source of coloured detail and texture. Pastel blue kitchen appliances and stools form a seamless extension of an existing kitchen space. Hues of blues in the kitchen can be matched against coppers and rustics to create a modern feel.




The calming and sedating psychological properties of the colour blue make it a no-brainer when it comes to bedroom décor choices. A single navy or teal wall not only adds an audacious focal point to the room, but (combined with deeper shades of blue and grey bedroom accessories) can make for a trendy space within the home. Geometric wallpapers and floor rugs are all the rage and are a go to for interior gurus as they can easily be replaced when trends come and go.





Bathrooms have traditionally been styled to keep a focus on neutral toned tiles and commodities. As the secondary sanctuary in a home, I prefer a bathroom to maintain the clean, neutral look I’ve become accustomed to. Acrylic tile and marble finishes are a great canvas for turquoise to royal shades of bathroom accessories which can also extend the calm and serenity assumed by a blue bedroom.




We live in an era where even notepads have become essential home office décor items, so whether you call it a study, a library or a home office, there’s nothing like a bright pop of colour to accentuate and illuminate your work from home space. Again, a teal wall or turquoise desk as a focal point, accompanied by trendy office furniture and accessories make a great office décor combination.



A Guide to Hues of Blue

If you’re wondering whether it’s turquoise, teal or cadet blue, here’s a quick guide.



(image credits: House & Leisure, Pinterest)




  1. I absolutely love your appreciation for interior spaces and decor! My first love was (still is) interior design but because I’d never seen a major successful black woman in that field I opted for marketing instead when it came time to choose degrees at uni. I thought to myself “i have no business going into that field, stay in your lane.” How sad.

    1. Thank you, Angie. There are plenty of incredibly talented, black interior designers. I think now more than ever they are becoming more popular and celebrated. Maybe I should do a blog post on some of my favourites. Your passion doesn’t have to die, find ways to incorporate your love for interiors into your marketing expertise. All the best!

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