The only thing I dislike more than being broke is the Winter season. The idea of being cold, not being able to go anywhere and weighing an extra 5 kilograms just from the clothes I’m wearing, has me saying longer prayers and asking The Almighty to fast forward to Spring. 

But like a true General going to war (or a human chionophobe going into hibernation), I need to prepare for this treacherous season. I have put together an army of my top 10 warm winter essentials to get me through the next few months of torture.


1. Heeled Knee High Boots

The famous knee high has been one of my favourites ever since it became a trend years ago. This winter I have opted for the high heeled version which I copped at Foschini and have been wearing every chance I get. My favourite combo is my knee highs, a velvet skater skirt and a floral shirt.

knee highs1
knee highs1
knee highs1

2. Body Oils

Before I can even imagine looking like a million bucks, I have to make sure my skin feels hydrated and warm. I’m a Vaseline Petroleum Jelly girl throughout the cold season, but this year, I’ve decided to combine my Vaseline skin regimen with coconut oil, lavender oil and rosehip oil. During bath time, I add some oil to my water for an instant dewy feeling. The aroma makes for a great value add, especially that of lavender oil.

rosehip-oil (1)
Coconut milk and coconut oil on wooden table

3. Winter Fashion Accessories

Scarves, hats, gloves and ponchos are my go to accessories when I feel like the homeless Eskimo look just won’t cut it. I love that these items are usually “one size fits all” so I don’t have to worry about the torture of taking my clothes off in a cold fitting room. (Wait, how do fitting rooms not have heaters?)


4. Assorted Tea

One of my absolute favourite things in the world! Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring – you can ALWAYS find me with a cup of tea in hand. Green tea because #healthgoals and assorted flavours for the party they create on my taste buds, as well as their lingering aroma which is equally pleasing to my senses. My favourite flavours include cranberry, pomegranate, chai, citrus and earl grey.


5. A Good Book

I’m currently enthralled with award winning author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah and I have a long list of upcoming reads to get through before I can come back out to play, so believe me when I say I am completely prepared for hibernation.


6. Instant Soups

Between Knorr Cup-a-Soup and Woolworths’ selection of delicious ready-made soups, I have a go to snack or meal I can enjoy whether I’m at home or at work, depending on my mood.


7. A Onsie

I truly admire individuals who are brave enough to leave their houses wearing a onsie. On the colder days, I usually have to fight my desire to wear mine to work since it’s the warmest and most comfortable item I own, but then I’m quickly reminded of the dilemma of having to visit the restroom and all of my sensibility is restored. So until I can overcome that concern, I’ll stick to my onsie uniform strictly indoors.


8. Home Cooked Meals and Bakes

There’s almost nothing as comforting as the aroma of a hearty stew or freshly baked scones in a warm home during winter. I don’t often get the opportunity to cook or bake (I’m a great cook but my baking skills leave a lot to be desired). Fortunately, my beloved sister is a kitchen wizard who excels in both departments. The magic she creates in the kitchen is not only pleasing to the senses but also ensures there is constant anticipation to dinner time. My favourite winter warmer meals include curry and chapattis, dumplings and tripe and any creamy pasta dish.



9. My Apple iPhone 6

Make that “my social media apps”! What would I be without the entertainment of Twitter, the aesthetic of Instagram and the soul enriching beauty of Pinterest? The fact that I can move from one conversation, location or event to the next (without even having to leave the warmth of my bed) is such a treat. Now to figure out how to get Siri to deliver the rest of my winter essentials on demand.


10. Maisha Mazuri

Truth be told, this is my number one winter and forever essential. The joy it brings me to hone my talent and bring Maisha Mazuri content to even the smallest audience is the ultimate fulfilment. The number one perk of my blogging journey and a definite winter essential is that I can focus on harnessing Maisha Mazuri from the comfort and warmth of my own home (or a restaurant that not only provides warmth and comfort, but free WiFi as well).



(image credits: StyleCraze, Well Being Secrets, Pinterest, BlogLovin) 

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    1. Thanks, Gally! LOL. mix them with your moisturiser once off, it literally takes two minutes! Rosehip especially.

  1. Your beloved sister sounds like an absolute delight. Lol
    She says you can look forward to a delicious Almond Loaf tonight!
    Thanks for the awesome tips!

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